hi everybody,

i´m reading a lot at this forum, but haven´t registered until now so i just wanted to introduce myself.
my name is ismail özalbayrak and i´m studying design at the hochschule für bildende künste hamburg.

you can find some of my works on my website:


i´ll try to be a active user from now on, the community is seems to be perfect for good feedback and inspiration.

Oh, hey, I saw that Steckbar project recently–was it on the Core homepage or Yanko…? Either way, great project.

Afraid I’m not really sure what to say about the site, other than “looks clean and simple,” which is a positive thing but not terribly constructive. Nitpick: maybe consider differentiating the headers on your links (“Work” and “Info”) from the links themselves, either by changing the font, size, or adding a graphic. I tried to click on them before I realized they weren’t actually links.

Also minor nitpick: it’s “bent” metal, not “bended” :slight_smile:

thank you!:wink:

changed it… yes your right, a different font would make it easier to navigate. i´ll try to change it tomorrow.
it was posted here on core77!

Herzlich Willkommen, ismail!

cool that you plan to post and be part of the discussions.
And thanks for posting your website. Cool stuff. I have also used Indexhibit for my website and like it a lot.

If you dig a little deeper into html, java script and css, you will see that there are a ton of customization options to make your site pop a bit more and less generic.
I think your projects are strong. You have very nice sense of style. Your render skills are good.
Two things popped out to me though. First, you seem to have no full scale models or mock ups and the site is very render heavy.
If furniture is your thing, you need to prototype some of that up yourself before it will make it into production. Your Steckbar concept for example would not be very hard to actually build.
I also was wondering if you can turn those shelfs upside down and use them as benches?! That would be pretty cool.

Schwing is interesting and I’d love to see somebody sitting on it since I have a hard time seeing a person not tipping over. Amazing if it works though. Again, you can totally build that thing which will make your presentation a lot stronger.

Kubus is in my opinion your weakest project and I am not sure you should keep it. As I understand, it is connected with velcro? I see some functional problems such as wool sweaters and scarfs on the velcro.

You have some fresh stuff!
And again, welcome.

thanks you for your kind words!

schwing works! :slight_smile: there is also a working prototype and i have pictures of people sitting on it. however, i thought it would look nicer if all my projects have the same styled pictures, thats why i there are just rendered pictures in the portfolio.
schwing is in production right now and will be part of a furniture collection from one of the biggest german design shops. it will be buyable from mid april this year.

steckbar is already in the works, a fashion store in hamburg asked me if they could use it in there shop. so i´m going to have so “real” pictures in some weeks. and no, you can´t use them as benches, because they´re hollow, so you can stack them up. but it would be a nice addition…!

but i think your right actual photos would make my website a lot more credible… i´ll try to upload some in the coming days.

thanks again for your suggestions!

You have a great portfolio, and your website is off to a good start.

My Advice:

Make your headings larger, and change the link color from blue to a darker blue or a more uncommon color. I suggest this because the blue your using looks as if it was the default choice - without html customization. Also, maybe make the color of a selected link a darker or lighter version of the original link color - rather than grey. I don’t know why, it just looked a little strange to me. Other than that, a simple and white portfolio allows your work to be the main focus!