Could you shoot me a picture for recreational skate? I’d like to learn the perspective and see how you draw it, how you do the linework and rendering.Thank you so much!

Sorry dude, don’t have time right now… lots of deadlines, I’d recommend searching footwear in the coroflot portfolios, or maybe another member can help you out. Post some work and we can give you some pointers.

no problem! Thanks anyway!

Can anybody help me out?

Sorry, but here are some examples I found by Googling:



When you say “skate” are you talking about Skateboarding, Roller Blading or Roller Skating? Just wanted to know…That may better help us understand how to help…


I am talking about Roller Blading, Thank you!

to yo,

Thanks for your post.

ohh, gotta specify dude, you know how mad I would have been if I drew out a skate shoe and you wanted a roller blade.



Thanks all he same! It is also helpful.:slight_smile:

OK cool. Dig deeper in google, I’m sure you can find some examples. If you find some post 'em in!

IMO roller blades should be more ballet than the present robocop attitude to life lol…
anyone got any organic looking blades they’d like to post?

very interesting peregrine falcon look. appeals to me!!!