Hi to All Mechanical Engineers IN ID !!

:smiley: This topic is intended for All of you guys who have Mechanical Engineering Background AND have an INTEREST IN ID.( like me)

I shall begin by giving a descripn of me.
I have 6 plus years experience in design projects (incl.management ) in a multitude of fields from plastics to Aerospace to Structures.I can do sketches/ oil (portraits)/ sculpting / CAID in most major industry standard Packages including CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro-E, Solidworks,
Inventor, MDT, MAx, Maya etc.and CGI with ADOBE CS, Premiere(non linear editing) and Audio Suites like Cakewalk, Adobe Audition etc.

My present career situation combined with the zest for Design means that I could use some quality ID education and I am not sure how to go about it.

I took the GRE (1400/1600) and TOEFL (283/300) -3 month old scores

I can produce an average to okay portfolio -I prefer CD-ROM(please do comment on this though)

My Degree of interest is MDes, MID, MS , MPD,
and some integrated courses like product management MBA / Des.

ANY suggestions would be very much appreciated


I also come from mechanical background … ur CAD skills and sketching skills would definitely help you. technical ppl usually need to research more into arty stuff like art history and presenting to clients about your works is also important, if u are good with model making, it would be helpful also … pls correct me if I am wrong …

I’m currently studying mechanical engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology and I know they offer an interesting grad program in product architecture. Here’s a little blurb about it:

Product-Architecture and Engineering Program

The Master of Engineering in Product-Architecture and Engineering degree program is intended to integrate the study of Product Design, Computational Architecture and Engineering with production methodologies and emerging materials. The program is supported by the Product Architecture Lab. All students in the program must complete 10 courses (30 credits) comprised of five core courses and up to five elective courses. Three of the five electives must be taken from the recommended list (see below) of relevant graduate courses offered by the Mechanical Engineering department. The remaining two courses (6 credits) constitute the student’s elective field and will consist of at least one course of “600-level or higher” offered within the Product-Architecture and Engineering program. Students may elect to complete a thesis (PAE 900: Thesis in Product Architecture and Engineering) in lieu of completing of the two open electives.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, a B.I.D., a B.F.A., B.A., or B.S. in Industrial Design, or a B.Arch. (Bachelor in Architecture) is needed for acceptance to the program. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in other engineering or design disciplines may be required to take appropriate undergraduate courses before being formally admitted into the program.

It always sounded pretty interesting and I’m thinking about doing it once I’m done with my undergrad work (which wont be for a few more years).

Anyway, just thought I’d throw it out there, I’m sure there are plenty of other programs like it out there. If you want some more info:


(The last link is very informative)