I am studdying design here in PARIS. I have just completed one year of general design and I wanted to be working in more of fashion in the casual sense. My school is very high fashion oriented. My dream would be to go in SAN DIEGO because my best friend is there.

I dream for a company to accept me long term. I’m sure I could learn more in 6 months on the job than in 2 years of school here. I know, I’m too novice for that but any help or information that could help me get on the right path would be appreciated.

I m very interested in product design and illustration, i like all kind of design, (concept design too ,how is possible to don t like it?)

Here’s a description of me…


My name is Pascal and I currently live in Paris, France. I’m a 23-year-old man. I love to just go for walks in the street, in the forest or the sea…even if it rains. I just love that.

I have graduated with my french baccalaureate (high school diploma equivalent) and am currently studdying Design. I don’t have a driver’s license, I think I learn quickly, and I love sports. (I go to the gym, take martial arts, swimming, basketball, running, soccer etc.) I am knowledgable in healtthy nutrition. I am a calm person. I’m always laughing but can be serious when it’s necessary. I love thinking, learning different things, and meeting new people. I’m honest (Honesty is a main rule for me.) I’m very spontaneous, always smiling because even when we have problems there is always somewhere in the world with bigger problems. I’m outspoken, patient, responsible, and easy-going. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I love pets. (I have dogs & cats back home) CONTACT ME and thank you for reading. All serious propositions and info is welcome.

Thank you very much. I have to make a decision with school soon but it is very expensive. I’m not sure if I can learn what I really need to know here, and bank refuses to give me a loan cause my family doesn 't have enough money.

Once again, I m sorry to contacted you, I didn t want bug you really, i m just quite lost, so i m trying now to find a position in an agency,even without be paid, but I could learn (any kind of design), and be near to my best friend, it s just hard to be far someone you love, that s can make you doing weird things,

you will not be dissapointed, thanks.

thanks again
I really hope to have answer.