Hi-speed camera advice

Hi All,

This is a long shot, but you never know where good advice may come from! Does anybody have experience using a hi-speed video camera? I am looking for something under $1000 that can shoot 300 frames per second. The types of videos would be to study a person walking, and would range from full-body shots to zooming in on just the foot. Fixed camera position.

Has anyone used a high-speed camera and do you have a recommendation? Thanks.

Might be tough to find something like that. 100fps is actually pretty slow in the highspeed camera market. (Considering standard NTSC playback is 27.93fps)

You should look into renting something. If you’re in a larger city there’s probably a pro-video shop in town that might have something you could use.

You’re right, I goofed… i meant 300 fps. The Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 seems to be an entry-level camera. We’ve used it, and it goes to 1200 fps, which is beyond our needs -it is more of a broad purpose camera, it does a lot of things at average performance, but no one thing very well. We simply don’t need the features of a $15,000 camera, but would use it often enough to not want to rent one.

I haven’t yet figured out if what I’m looking for exists or not!