Hi please help me for CEED

hi all
i’m a third year software engineering student from India (Mumbai)
i wish to appear for CEED for the IITs …i want info on books that i can refer for the exam (CEED=Common Entrance Examinatrion for Design)
alos i’d like info on the faculty on Visual Comm. from IIT
any ex-student …please help me out .
i wish to make a carrer in Animation…i have superb cartooning skills …please help me realize my dream and u’d be promised of more superb animation films in future …all produced by me :smiley:
please help me out

Urs Sincerly

About career in animation and producing movies it sounds good.

IDC at IIT Bombay is perhaps good choice right now as theres a strong animation facaulty there right now. VC was really good when I was there I am sure it still is the same. Why dont you also visit the site: http://www.idc.iitb.ac.in and possibly go down there sometime. You could talk to the students and the facaulty there - it would give you a clear pic of what you are getting into :slight_smile:.

Sorry thou - no books for CEED. Get you communication skills honed and your drawing/sketching/visual skills honed and keep at it till you see the relations between the two.

All the Best.
Regards - sneha

ps. you could also explore NID options.

[hey anu

no need 2 worry at all about ceed … there is no magic portion 4 succes at ceed tahst what i feel …its a test of ur apptitude in design . i scored 96 % ile last year …i didnt go thru any books …just keep on sketching n improving ur drawing skills and become a gud oibserver…

4 more info get in touch vitro4u@yahoo.com


there’s a decent crowd on www.cgtalk.com that would be good to ask this question. it has a large professional animation community. plenty of threads about animation in India. look through the General topic. do a search on India+animation. you will probably find alot of useful information to help you.