Hi, one simple question???

One company pay me the flights tickets to go a Interview, I need tell to this company how much as I have thought to win??? or in the interview you tell how much??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks guys, and sorry for my english, I’m learning!!! :wink:

Come on!!! it’s a simple question, or you don’t understand me nothing about the quetion???

It’s a little bit hard to understand. It could mean different things.

-If you mean that you have to tell them how much money you paid for the ticket, so they can pay you back (reimburse)…do you tell them during the interview? You should talk about it after you finish the interview.

-Or, are you asking if you should tell them how much money you want to make (salary) during the interview? They will ask you how much money you want, or they will tell you how much money they can give you and if you agree.

Probably, they will bring up the money question, then you get to answer. If they don’t bring up money before it’s finished, then you ask how much money they have for the position.

Good luck. Your english will get better quickly, no problem.

I don’t understand the question. If they are flying you out to interview (and will reimburse you), then just send them the bill AFTER your interview. Include it in your follow-up letter thanking them for their time.

Otherwise, if they are asking you to pay for your own tickets, don’t waste your time. I did that back in college and I didn’t get the job. About $400 down the drain. We’re designers. Jeesh, we don’t need to be on our knees begging and pleading for jobs!

The company pay me the flight tickets, so, I go to the interview, the question is, if I say how much money earn for this position for email o I wait to the interview and then say my salary requeriments…

See you…

Don’t even bother answering, he is fucking with you if you haven’t figured it out yet.

He waits 40 minutes for a response? And then gets all upset when there isn’t one?

Does this idiot think we’re here just to answer his questions? I’m betting after the interview this company won’t care what his salary numbers are cuz they won’t be able to stand the guy. So much for answering the question.

Okay, I think I understand what he is asking.

Talk about salary in person, at the interview. They might not even bring it up.

Just LOVE how people only speaks one language make fun of those speaks multi!
English is not the only language exits in the world! Give him a break!

Thanks guys for respond me…and sorry if I can talk very well…
But, I really apreciate it.

Nos vemos amigos, y portesen bien…exitos a todos!!!