Hi! I need advices - I just got in at two design schools...

I am an 18 years old student in Norway, and my last three years I spend on art school. Iv’e been drawing all my life, art is what I love, but i do have good grades in all other subjects.

Today, I showed my portfolio at an exhibition in Norway. Two schools in England gave me an entrance, at four different subjects:

University College Falmouth,

→ 3D Design Products
→ Spatial Design; Interior&Landscape.

Univeristy College for the Creatice Arts at Canterbury, Epsom (and some others town names)

→ Architecture. (Canterbury)
→ product design. (Rochester)

I am mostly interested in Architecture. But I haven’t done much maths neither physics yet. I think the part 1 are three years, part 2 two and a possible part 3 for practice.
I also am interested in designing products, computer games set, anything like that.

Do any of you know about this schools/subjects? Should I go for it? Is there any advices I should listen to? (Of course there is)

Thank you very much =)