Hi,guys!Need your opinion about-should I try to find a job?

Hi.I am 21.I am studing management and economy,I wasnt going to be a web designer at all.But about an year ago I started to learn some things in HTML,Photoshop,Photoimpact and Macromedia Dreamweaver.I did my first site in Ulead Photoimpact it is on http://vacations.beplaced.com it is a very simple and not so pretty site,but without anybodys help,I made it by myself.Then I took a free templet and change a lot of things in it`s HTML and design,it is on http://mindreal.com.Now I start to do my own little templet for my the portfolio.So I think maybe I should try to find a job as an entry level web designer,or as a website administrator,to do some updates.What do you think can I do it without any special education,because I like it?And where should I start to look for a job?
Thank you very,very much!

…finding something you like to do is one thing…making a living at it is another, but if this is your bliss then go for it…no doubt the need for good web design is great (90% of web sites are shit for design)…knowing your way around html and some limited practical experieince could get you in the door…but i highly recommend that you get an education, degree, in something…

Thank you for a good advice :wink:

I currently do web design as part of my job and since I graduated things have changed a great deal. Knowing HTML and Flash is great but now even most entry level jobs will require you to have detailed knowledge of Javascript, CSS, XML, ASP, PHP, MySQL, and maybe more.

There are a lot more standards now than there used to be so you really have to know your shit. If all you know how to do is make pages in photoshop and build sites using tables then you are way behind in terms of skills.

If you don’t know these additional skills then I would recommend taking some classes at community college to get up to speed or if you are still in school, check the computer science department for classes on these subjects.