Hi everyones!!! I need a piece advice...

Well, I’m from argentina and actually I’m Still looking Jobs in EE.UU, but the thing is, can you guys critique my portfolio and my designs…???
I’m looking a entry-level position…

Any helpful comments would be appreciated. Thanks very very much…

Saludos a todos amigos mios!!! son una masa…chauuuuu… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


My web site has everything you want to see.


Your “philosophy” link goes to a blank page, this is intentional, right? Did you design the website? I would include that in your portfolio if you did.

While I will say that the interface is done well (quality), after about 2 minutes it seemed overdone. This is often brought up with “flash-y” websites but just imagine yourself sitting at a job interview with the website, sitting there, waiting for pictures to change.

They say: “I want to see that again”

You say: “hold on, let me go back through the menus, and load, okay here’s the text, and there it is.”

They say: “Ok, hey - where’d it go, go back”
You say: “hold on, let me go back through . . .”

The left scrolling “room” menu is playful, eh.

Your work is presented well. You seem to be strong in 3D modeling and not so much at sketching and form development (the t-mobile cell phone for example. I know the screen slides out and then?) Good luck!

Well , first the philosophy part it’s not blank and works good, I tested recently.
Second, I designed the web site and actually I’m designed the new web site, more simple…and you are right man…My sketches sucks…I need learn more about the how make great sketches…

Thanks for everything…and I waiting more critiques!!! See ya…
Amigos mios!!!