Hi, any interesting places to go?

I’m considering going on a short trip with the purpose of cultural exploration (e.g. learning more about the local design scene etc). I’ve narrowed it down to countries within the asian region (i’m from singapore). So I’m seeking your opinion/recommendation on interesting places to go. Right now, some of my choices are japan, hong kong. However, even then i’m not sure where exactly should i head to? :confused:


Seoul is a good experience. Loads of design and design related events going on. All of my Singapore friends who come to Seoul cannot imagine the scale and size of the city however. Very large and 12 million + population. It is the largest small city I’ve ever lived/worked in.

I always find superfuture helpful for planning these kinds of trips:

Potato Head Beach Bar, Seminyak, Bali

@yo: Thanks! Checked out the superfuture site…pretty interesting and will definitely be useful as a starting point for planning out the places to visit! Btw, have you visited tokyo before? Any places in particular to recommend visiting?

@designbreathing: Thanks for the suggestion! Is it easy for non-locals to move around Seoul on their own? Any places in Seoul you would recommend visiting?

@nxakt: Wow, Bali! Haha…definitely a good place to chill in! And looks like you had a pretty good time at the Potato Head Beach Bar!