hey·day /ˈheɪˌdeɪ/ [hey-dey] –noun

The stage or period of greatest vigor, strength, success, etc.; prime:

When will your Heyday be?

Mine is right now…



www.highsnobiety.com has them up

These look awesome! I’m really feelin the white/silver/green color of the mids. They look so much better and refreshing then all those AF1 knockoffs (bape, fubu etc…) Could you give us some more insite on the inspiration…? Seems really interesting, I’d like to hear more.

Thanks…I was inspired to do something because as much as I like nike etc…i’m a footwear designer and i want to stand out from the crowd dammit! :wink:

I love Redwing boots and thought that profile which is really big in Hong Kong, Tokyo etc, would look great but with some fresher uppers. I’ve worked in both sport fashion (Puma) and rugged/ nautical casual (sperry) and thought that the raw edges with the unique setback stitch line would carrover well to this collection… It has a leather tool belt/ holster feel. The edges will actually curl up a bit after they have been worn…looks broken in. As i would suspect many designers feel the same, my dream has been to have my own brand for both professional and personal reasons. Its finally coming true. This is product for us; cool guys who wear premium denim and are slightly off the beaten path (or is that just me?) (and eventually girls) who dig cool detailing and a fusion of several styles to create something new and unique. If your a sheep go follow the flock, if you are living in your Heyday now, come find me. I’m exhibiting at POOL in Vegas next month and am hitting the road tomorrow to sell this line in like Flynt mofo’s

Come along for the ride…


Green lows are mint. I know you are wrapping up, and not looking for feedback, but that top eye loop of the low is so nice.

I see how you’ve pushed the stitching away from the edge to let those edges curl, nice idea… I’m all about the triple stitch.

Best of luck at the show!


Thanks Yo…and nice inetview in Sole Collector!! Congrats!

congrats on starting your own brand. Would be interested to hear more about the process…

How many pairs are you producing to start? Did you do new tooling? Got any sketches of early concepts?

Nice to see you getting some PR around. Too bad to see people hating on you doing something different in the comments on High Snobiety. You are right, that far to many people are sheep just looking for an AF1 collab in whacked colors.

I wish you the best of luck with your collection!


Heyday just got a post on www.joshspear.com

Richard, i’ll get around to posting some dev sketches when everything else calms down…pretty busy! I opened new tooling, its blown rubber, die cut same construction as a redwing boot, 4 styles 3 colorways, looking at hitting retail 7/15-8/15 for back to school. I’m exhibiting at POOL in las vegas next month, it runs the same time at magic and project, just smalled and cheaper! more to come from Heyday…

Nice job, hat off for starting something new up.

I am sure that you will suceed and good luck with the venture



any update? hows it going?

we’re all rooting for ya, from the core77 fam.


B+B went very well, met some retailers, some of whom I’m sure you now Richard; CaliRoots etc, Sales amples will be in before Magic, and am trying to find appropriate accounts and agents and the like…when I have some big news I’ll be sure to post it.

I will put up my Bread+butter pics shortly


i missed BBB, so am looking forward to see what i missed!




Heres some pics from B+B…I havent captioned all of them yet, there’s 155 pics.


You’re link isnt working.






Try this link…





I like the upper,is simple with nice details like the stiching around 6 or 8 mm inside the pieces,cutts on the vamp for the lace,that’s nice.

But i think the sole is a bit soft,i think need some personality,for example with details in crepeline or …well you’re the designer.


checked the new site. hate going to myspace pages though…

like the henry boot. also some fresh colorways on the Mickey Finn. Dig the black/neon.

Wish you had more pics too check without the tunes and slideshow player. kinda annoying to navigate thru. would love to see more detail shots, some other views and the outsole. hard to tell if they are really bulky or what the last shape looks like from above (how you see it on your feet).

nice work. best of luck to ya!


We just got a big ineterview on FreshnessMag…!!!