hey Yo!


do you remember a basket nike model that wears an air system like “pump” but in the ankle?

It was an “air force” model,but i don´t remember the year,i´m looking for a foto of this model.

I wore this model when i was basket player in a regional league.

kind regards.

This is the shoe: I forget the exact name, I’ll check:

There was also a Force 180 pump:

…there is also another shoe with a similar pump system…they were the high top version of Charles Barkley’s Air Force Max 180; David Robinson wore them at that time. The name was maybe Air Command Force, but I’m not sure…check Sole Provider book or Kicks mag #1 for correct name.


MC [pietro]

this is not the model that im talking about,the valve was in the outside of the ankle,you could choose the two "pump"possition,the ankle and the arch.

And also the “air bag” was visible from the bottom.i think was launched in 91 or 92,and yes the name is air force 180,but the model that you show is the air pressure.

i got it!!


yep billymenut!!!

These are the shoes I was talking about…check the max 180 unit, and the midsole is just the same of CB’s Air Max 180…remember Barcelona '92???


Yeeeah montecusna,i remember barcelona 92 :smiley:

Air pressures. my all time grails!!!

hey Yo,i´m looking for now a model,is the nike air cross trainning 2,is the same model of Hatfield but with the visible airbag.

sorry mate,but i couldn´t find it.