hey stu ufo again!

i posted a reply on footwear section and apparently it got erased. can you tell yo to moderate according to the laws of this website. this is the second time they have messed up with my posts. thanks.

Now I KNOW I like YO!

now you know you’re an idiot.

Dude, I did you a favor, you didn’t come off too well in that post, as usual.


do yourself a favor: stay outta my way or you’ll regret later.

That’s very professional UFO.

forget professional.

god knows i don’t take shit from anyone- specially from the foot area.

hey YO. have you regretted it? i’m worried UFO is going to attach my sig to his work. only threat worries me.

if you edit my posts you’ll regret later moron.

you really should put the penis ruler away, UFO. your forum bravado is beyond childish.

you’re the one who carries a penis in his ass dumbshit.

thats it. post some more. show everyone your razor wit.

i wonder if Core would mind if i edited old UFO messages inserting his own insults? let’s find out…

in its time i will. just like i did in my previous post.

No worries. It takes more than being trashed by a hack too chicken shit to put his work where his mouth is to bring me down. Seeing thousands of people buy your products will have that effect.

you’re total lowlife who symblizes the trash in corporate america.


work something out? creep. not here - not elsewhere. if you had any IQ you would post as a registered user.