Hey! Industrial designer working on CAD tools for... industrial designers!

Hello Core77,
My name is Marcel and I am an industrial designer from Rotterdam. After working on product design and engineering for over 10 years, I’ve decided to join this new start-up called Bench3D. The mission of Bench3D is to help industrial design teams collaborate better by making browser based CAD model annotation and sharing tools. You can find more info here: www.bench3d.com

Besides working on Bench3D, i’m still involved with our design studio The Incredible Machine. With this studio we do product design and concept development for smart products in the realm of responsible technology. Clients include LEGO, Festool, Safran Aerospace, and MIT Medialab. You can find more here: www.the-incredible-machine.com

By joining the Core77 board and community, I hope to learn more about how other industrial designers work and how we can make their workflow better.

Looking forward to discuss!


welcome @MarcelSch