Hey! Industrial designer working on CAD tools for... industrial designers!

Hello Core77,
My name is Marcel and I am an industrial designer from Rotterdam. After working on product design and engineering for over 10 years, I’ve decided to join this new start-up called Bench3D. The mission of Bench3D is to help industrial design teams collaborate better by making browser based CAD model annotation and sharing tools. You can find more info here: www.bench3d.com

Besides working on Bench3D, i’m still involved with our design studio The Incredible Machine. With this studio we do product design and concept development for smart products in the realm of responsible technology. Clients include LEGO, Festool, Safran Aerospace, and MIT Medialab. You can find more here: www.the-incredible-machine.com

By joining the Core77 board and community, I hope to learn more about how other industrial designers work and how we can make their workflow better.

Looking forward to discuss!


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welcome @MarcelSch

Hello Marcel,

I’m setting a studio in 60 x 30 room. I have a large CNC in an ante-chamber off the main room.
My plan is to mount 3 projectors on the ceiling to project lofting plans onto the floor.
Additionally I will have 6 cameras placed around the room. The idea is that cameras will be mapping the objects on the floor. There will be central computer that will be use those mappings to render objects into files such as IGES, STEP, GCODE.

The idea is that the mouse and keyboard would be minimal in usage. Objects like water levels, dividers, and string would be the main input.

What I really find interesting about this type of thing is that suddenly measuring units are irrelevant during the creation period. The computer is tasked with keeping track of the units for the final output.

I’m definitely off in the weeds but we share the need for collaboration tools. I have actually just completed the building renovation where the studio is so I’m unbelievably broke and likely won’t be getting the equipment for a few months.

The resolution I will have on gym floor will be around 32 pixels per sq inch at 4k and 137 if I spring for the 8k projectors. The cameras are much cheaper and will have a higher resolution between 116-180 pixels an inch. I might try to do the vision part in radians…

If you want to talk more reach out.

Here are pictures of the studio. The high ceilings will really help with projectors. I try to make rectilinear solid that is 45’ x 25’ x 14’

Cogs Inc. tries to use off the shelf items as much as possible. Although painful at times we are currently working with Highdesign. I haven’t checked the latest update. I have been pushing for better Symbol tracking. I have done a lot CAD automation on MiniCAD/VectorWorks using their Symbol tools. Symbols were part of the first CAD efforts and I think there are still key to fulfill the promise of computing.

Good Health,


Hey Ben.

Wow!!! I’m not sure if I get entirely what you want to build, but it’s bold!!! You are using physical objects to layout a design, cameras and projectors help to transform those into a CNC’able design, and that is produced in the other room?

We actually worked on something vaguely similar years ago for LEGO. Search for Robolab Lego House on Youtube or Google.

We used projection and motion tracking cameras to create this immersive game experience for remote controlled (physical) robots. It took quite some man-hours to pull that off, but it worked. The rigs on the ceiling got pretty expensive though…

Maybe Bench3D can be used to load up the output STEP files and then make them available online immediately for review. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any modeling features yet.

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Yes, you have got the idea. Remember that before we had interchangeable parts each craftsman used a more regional standard measurement. The is a historic record of these measuring tools. If we want to get all high mighty about the perfect form one could completely ignore measurements as the form is developed and once the ideal form exists. it can be rendered at any scale or measurement.

Yes, it’s not a novel idea. I’m fortunate too find myself in a position where I can set lofty goals and work incrementally towards them.

That is what I’m thinking is that if I could find a CAD developer that wanted to collaborate that would be great. Overall I don’t really want to invent anything I want to integrate existing pieces into greater wholes.