Hey guys, I'm new!

Hey everyone, I’m new to the boards, and new to the school. I will be attending Pratt this fall for fashion design, and I’ve never been more excited. I was hoping I could meet at least a few people, so I’m not completely alone when I get there. I will be arriving in August!!! :smiley: My name is River, and I’m from Columbus, Ohio. Nice to meet all of you!!!

ya ya… welcome.

But this is general design discussion forum… your post is not suppose to be here. :unamused:

…welcome…it is nice to have someone with your enthusiasm participate in these boards…i am sure you will find nyc an exciting place to live and study design…i look forward to future posts from you and i am sure that you can hook up with others attending pratt thru these boards…

river, can you post a picture?