Hey Designers,Please comment on my WebSitePortfolio!!!Thanks


Just updated my Personal Web Site Portfolio, please comment, its very important to me. Thanks

Best Regards,

Sergio Toro

I don’t really have the time to go through it properly right now Sergio but there was one thing that jumped out at me straight away that may need to be remedied.

The website doesn’t fit properly in my browser window. There’s a small amount of scroll that is needed to fit the lot in. The contact and title get cut off on mine. I don’t have a very tall menu bar in my browser either.

This is just personal preference, but im not liking the color choices too much.
I generally like black and green, but seems a bit too much or out of place here.
The contrast feels a tad too strong.
And it actually hurts my eyes a bit.

Also the rotating images to next image thing hurts my eyes too and seems unnecessary.

I think the dotted lines are making your site feel a bit amateurish and unprofessional.
Seems like standard - - - - - - dashes, If you still need to do the dotted line thing,
maybe dots, smaller dashes with smaller gaps might work better.
Just as an indication of a line but very subtle.

The gradient buttons seems a bit too much too.

I feel like im at a alienware desktop and notebook computer site for some reason.

The italic font with the underline isnt something i normally would do.
Im not entirely sure if you even need it.
The left text logo and the right graphic logo says almost the same thing, except its missing the “industrial designer” on the right.

I would get rid of one of them, seems pointless to have both.

I have a 1280x1024res screen and the website fitted just fine.

No problem with the green/black/dark grey. I will say the buttons that turn the hideous blue/red: get rid of them. Those belong in 1999. Awful. Something that ticked me off was that clicking on one of the sections brought me to a new webpage… can’t you just keep it in the same flash file? and if you must change to a new web page, change the title of the website (Sergio - Product) or something.

Looks like an image dump to me. Very little/no description text. Everything is unceremoniously dumped onto there. Not really divided by project. Hierarchy is very important to a portfolio website.