hey, check out my portfolio..give me your opinons!!!

Just graduated in June, and still searching for a job. maybe theres something wrong with my portfolio so give me your suggestions and opinions. thanks!

Need to show your process in the portfolio slides, there are just finished projects in the form of 3d models. Your finished stuff looks great, just build up to it, process step 1, step 2, and then bam- 3, the eye candy.

Your overview section is truly boring.
No thumbnails on the right in the overview section, no eye candy there.
I forget how to add those in coroflot, but look around, its much more interesting that way.

And the description of yourself is so boring I was to gouge my eyes out.
I’ve read that same exact description over a hundred times, all from hundreds of recent grads.
Show some passion, tell potential clients why you’re different, better, unique, fun, smart, an excellent designer. The title is “Industrial Designer” in that section, …

Downplay your best buy, drug mart, etc experience. Add experience you gained in school. Any sponsored projects? Were you a key member of any design teams for projects? Won any awards? Scholarships? Teachers pet? Recognized by the department? Anything on display?

Hype up your design experience, what you bring to the table, why someone should go out of their way to clear a desk, set up a new health insurance policy, give you a few grand to relocate, and start paying you tens of thousands of dollars a year. Your portfolio does not reflect that yet. With some ironing out, you can get there.

Im gonna share with you a secret that no one told me until i landed my first deign position.

Not all designers on staff can sketch, not all designers on staff can render, but one thing is a constant, their thought process. Dont get caught up in coming up with a templte to show all your designs in. take the viewer of your portfolio on a journey. each project should have its own identity. CAN YOU THINK? thats all they are waiting to see. As soon as you convince them you have a certain thought pattern that is beneficial to their industry you are in.

Some tips:

Create industry specific portfolios
give each product its own identity
show your process work…why you made certain changes to style, color material, …optional solutions
Its about presenting your thought process through visaul representations of products…

thanks for all your thoughts. I will be revising my portfolio based on your suggestions.

the only reason why I have such a diverse range of products in my portfolio is because I want to have a bit of everything since where I am which is Toronto, there are very little id jobs. Therefore I want to be able to appeal to a broader audience. however i do know what you mean by having it more focused. anyways once again thanks a lot for your input!!!