Herron School

Nobody seems to ever mention this Indiana-school (Purdue-related I think) on here… Is it because it doesn’t have an ID program? I noticed that it offers a furniture degree… I think it’s a graduate degree? It also seems to be more studio oriented, but i’m not certain… if anyone can clear that up please I’d appreciate it.

the key here is “studio art furniture” this is primarily a degree preparing you to become a woodworker, self-producing one off peices to sell in galleries. Not to be confused with ID at all.

The best program in this genre is at RISD.

Kendall seems to be the only furniture-specific prog thats NOT studio-based. No?

sorry for the confusion, I believe the RISD Undergraduate furniture program is within ID - thier Grad program is Art.

I think SCAD can support either direction you choose.

lots of places will allow a furniture concentration the difference is the amount of specialised experience the faculty can offer. I don’t think it’s as an exclusive club as car design, where if your not from one of 4-5 schools you’ve little chance of finding work.

However if production furniture is what you want to do Kendall is one of the top choices. its particularly attractive because of proximity to Steelcase, Hayworth etc. (internships)

thanks for the info on the other schools. while i appreciate it for it’s aesthetics and price, i don’t think studio-furniture alone is for me. kendall sounds a lot more like what i’m looking for.

do you work in furniture?

I used to do the Art kind.

That school is not Purdue Related, is known more for fine arts. If you are interested in Indiana ID programs try, Notre Dame or Purdue…of course im biased.