Here's how you should run a design competition

Just came across this from an ad on the core front page-

It’s a design competition for a water bottle (the packaging kind, not the resuable sort) from some brand in Romania.

I have no association with this whatsoever, just found it very well done so figured I’d offer some praise instead of the usual bashing of design competitions that are poorly thought out and executed.

I checked out the site of curiosity, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only are they including IP rights with the first prize (not any of the others, though they are very clear about), the entire site, and competition seems extremely well thought out and put together. I give them big props.

some key points-

  • The prizes and IP ownerships accordingly are clear as mentioned
  • They have a very detailed design brief, mentioning the target market, brand position, competitors, desired result, etc.
  • very thorough FAQ
  • very clear registration process
  • very detailed deliverable list
  • clear judging criteria
  • lots of background info on the product and brand
  • the prizes are substantial, and it overall doesn’t feel like a brand looking for cheap/free ideas

In addition, esp. given this is from a foreign company (Romania) all the info is extremely well written. Should go without saying for any international design competition, but I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen where the info looks like it was written via bablefish translation or someone with a English Primer Dictionary on the desk… Even lots of US/UK companies have held design competitions where the info was less than clear.

Congrats to the company that set this up. This is how all design competitions should be done.



I just had to change my pants. (uk not us)

That site is awesome, and is an inspirational brief.


Thanks for the point out Richard. I always pass over these design comps, but this one is pretty slick. 30,000 euro is a pretty decent prize too. I love the title block theme of the website. Sick.

Is anyone having a pop at this ?
I have never had a go at a design competition but this one peeked my interest, I thought I would knock something up and give it a go.

Thanks for posting Richard

I think I might give it a shot if I have time. Well done, good find.