Here goes nothin!

Here it is, yet another portfolio post. But I would truly appreciate it if you guys gave me some feedback, both positive and constructive criticism…and if you need to be mean to get your point accross, thats fine too.

What is lacking? what should I leave as is? Am i competent?

Thanks a ton.

I think this is great for a just a coroflot portfolio. The only part that I didn’t like were that the large sketches image was of various projects rather than showing the development of a single project. I like sketches when I see a rough idea slowly turn into something interesting. The other images really show that you have a variety of skills and can handle a variety of products as well. Good job.

thanks for the feedback! yeah id like to post so much more stuff but space is limited, so i put those sketches up just to show that i can hold a pencil decently.

on your sketch page…you don’t need to say “these are quick sketches so you can still see the constructions lines blah blah”

you need to get a full web page, just some free space from or anything.

show the development and supportinmg sketches. if your sketches had some or any relation to your 3d stuff it would be a good site.

And some people will complain about pop-ups.

actually i have my own domain…the problem is i havent built it yet…time is tight with the thesis, idsa and work. but itll be up there soon. thanx for the feedback, i agree on everything.

d-flux. I would concentrate on getting your stuff down on paper first, then concentrate on the web. Dont spend too much time on your website. Mailers and follow up calls are more effective. Email campaigns are effective as well.

I agree with molested_cow about describing your sketches. They should speak for themselves. perhaps it would be better to show sketches of your yingyang chair or the motorised scrubbing brush.