helping and preventing childhood obesity - LG electronics

Hello everybody, my name’s Aurelien I’m a french student designer actually in my 4th year studying product design at CREAPOLE in Paris.

I’m working on this project for LG and I’m looking for feedbacks about it!
Please be very critical, people (teachers and friends) told me that my project was a beautiful idea so I’m trying to be the more simple with the design and concept ideation.
Unfortunately i’ve got enough time to share my project with other people in class that’s why I’m askin the community for critics/help!
Tell me what you think

link for the project (it’s CONCEPT 3 called EQUILIBRE):

Thank you all!



I think you have provided an overly complex solution to a simple problem; knowing what to eat.

Knowing that l’enfant will eat whatever they can get their hands on, and all of it, several questions come to mind:

  1. Who will shop for, and then scan all of this information into the storage module?
  2. Who will continually restock it?
  3. What will keep the foods fresh after they are loaded?
  4. Where, in generally crowded kitchens, will this module be located?
  5. What will prevent the child from eating what they want?
  6. What will prevent the child for eating when they want?
  7. What will prevent the child from eating more than they should?


A) Behavior modification, via education by example, is the mechanism that will allow children to make proper food selections.
B) Children should be taught that the quantity of food they eat also affects their weight.
C) Children should be taught that daily exercise is essential to weight control, and general well-being.

A time-locked box that could only be opened when pre-programmed might work. (These are already available for feeding pets…).

Calorie-portioned individual servings; i.e. 100 calorie portions of nuts, or potato chips, crackers, puddings, etc. are currently tried in the US.