Helpful minors...?

Who minored in something else that they feel is beneficial to their work/craft today?

Marketing. Later I went back for an MBA.

Good combo.

A business degree wouldn’t hurt, and if your not spot on at communication/graphic design, it is always a plus

Graphic Design
UX Design (if available)
Interior Architecture
Film/Video/Motion Graphics/Animation
Art History

The walls are coming down between design disciplines. In the future, designers will have to be experienced well rounded creatives, not just ID, GD…

Save the business stuff for your MBA.

I did linguistics, and took some engineering business classes. I don’t know if I would recommend the linguistics.

Interaction Design
Metals and Jewelry
Accessory Design

bases already covered:

  • art history

  • engineering basics

not covered already:

  • rhetorics (free speech)

  • philosophy

    in my eyes marketing is not a scientific discipline in it’s own
    right, but a technique derived from the above.

Personally I’ve benefited from graphic design, anthropology, marketing and I’m currently going through an MBA program now. I would advise holding off on the MBA until you have some years experience under your belt though.

I’ve seen others benefit from having engineering and lab/testing experience as well.

Hey where’d they offer Accessory Design? And was it mass-manufactured accessories or one-off, make-it-yourself type stuff?