helpful design apps

I just picked up an Android tablet so am new to the non-Windows OS device. What are helpful design-related (or otherwise) apps have you guys came across?

Not sure what you mean by design-related (do you want to design on the app, read design news, etc?). First app I’d get is Sketchook Mobile and maybe a stylus so you can do some quick sketches on the go.

Any app related that could help out field, reading material or tools and programs. I found a few I’ll list below

I bought Sketchbook Mobile. Not as good as the full-on program while using a pressure sensitive pen, but still worth the little price tag. They have a free version as well though:

Design Dimensions, this one’s ok. Very very basic dimensions of various objects. Good for really quick reference guide, but free

NotCot, free and paid version. A photo slide of the current notcot site. Free version limited to the 1st 10 features only. I personally prefer just going to their site though so can pick and choose which story to go into without having to slide through all of them one by one

RhinoCAD Grasshopper Control. Haven’t tried it yet but looks neat. Allows you to control various Grasshopped functions using your device, even using the device’s various sensors in real time (tilt, gyro, etc)

ScreenSlider. Allows you to use your device as a 2nd monitor. Good when doing long computer calculations (renderings, etc) so you don’t have to be physically in front of your PC waiting for it to finish.

(various) remote PC access. Remotely access your PC’s files and programs anywhere. Haven’t tried any yet. Your device won’t be powerful enough to run Solidworks (and other programs), nor install it, but your home PC can. And if you can control your PC, then you can run those programs on your device.

TED. Self explanatory. Free

Netfabb. STL viewer. Free

TimeClock Time Tracker. Track time spent per project, great for contract work. Free