halo everyone. i’m new here.

got a problem. need some help. thanks.
here’s the problem:
i’m a student. just graduated.
theres this european company requesting to “buy” one of my school projects. (i’m from asia anyway.) i’ve set my demands(incentives i’ll be getting,etc…). they’re demands are the standard stuff(full control of the idea,etc…).
the problem is that theres no face to face meeting…yet because of the distance. i would like one though although i cant get out of the country because i’m on national service. any alternative ways to handle transactions, contracts, etc… through the internet?

thanks very much.

if all you want is face-to-face, use internet cam. companies use Netmeeting software all the time. wouldnt get too hung up on this. get agreement on paper way you want it. and if this is for your Harvester then dont wait too long. that stuff has gotten lots of press last few years. i know designers working on this stuff. or they were a few years ago.

good luck.

I agree with ykh, get the deal in writing, and verify that there are no loopholes that will allow the company to get out of paying you what you deserve. And do not wait to long regardless of the project.

I would also request to retain the right to utilize the project in your portfolio. I sold one of my lighting designs while still in school, left this out, and now it is a common item for infant and child rooms…and I can not show it in my portfolio.

Congratulations by the way.

thanks :smiley: