I am trying to jump into freelancing but I have no direction. I have a BFA in ID and also an AAS in Illustration. I am starting a family in the next couple weeks so I need to stay home with the little one, but I am really strapped for cash. I figured Illustration would work best from home, but I really need some advice.

How can I best get myself out there?

I registered on thinking i could check out both ID jobs and Illustration jobs but it turns out after paying$75 that I can only bid on Illustration jobs since I chose that when I registered.

I have bid on three jobs and now sit and wait to hear from the employers. I just feel like there is a quicker and better way to find work.

does anyone have adive?


make an online worksample page and then go to in the creative services section. there are always freelance works for illustrators and graphic people