I have a

PSD image that is 215mb in size.
it is A3 and must stay A3
It need to be changed in to a PDF and can be no bigger than 4MB
how can i do this with out losing quality.
Help someone, i dont have a clue.

Also how can i make images save to a lower amount in MB size with out losing Quality

thank you
Reuben"the only person that uses Photoshop and dosent know this"

Try “save for web”
see how that looks

Sounds like you have your DPI set WAY too hi. Lower it down to maybe 150 DPI, and try again. Short answer is you have to sacrifice quality to get the MB lower. Just find the balance that fits your requirements (4mb) and still will print okay. there is no way you should need 216 MB for an A3 size drawing BTW :slight_smile:

I also believe the PDF will need your drawing (assuming it’s pixel based, and not vector) to be a jpg or tiff. Usually you’ll get a prompt where you can adjust the jpg quality (for example 1-12 in quality, and the depth of the scan, low, medium, or high). Again, dial it in, so it looks good, and fits the requirements.

Hope that helps…

definately save the psd file as a jpeg or tiff before saving it as a pdf!!

also when you save it as a pdf you have the option to save it as a reduced pdf file size…the quality may change a little but it may not be noticeable so try that too.