I have an idea for a product that could be used in a household and do not know where to start. I have the general idea in my head but need a designer to draw it before we continue further.
Any suggestions on where to start??

ideas are cheap, implementation is expensive. If you want it done right, you are going to have to pay someone, even if it is a student, to illustrate the idea.

So the first step would be to prepare yourself to hire someone to do a freelance job. The second step I would say would be to browse through online portfolios and identify several people that have the skill you are looking for. At that point you can contact them to see if they would be willing to design your idea and how much it would cost you.

Or you can spend some money to apply a patent for it and then bring the concept to a relevant company to see if they are interested.

Eg. If you have a concept on kitchenware you may want to talk to OXO.

However, exposing your idea means they can exploit it without your conscent. So patent is important.

Usually they will look at your patent and say no to you, then try to by pass the patent. If they can’t and still find your concept appealing, they will then contact you.

Even if you find someone to illustrate the concept to you, there is always a chance that he/she may steal the unprotect idea. You should get legal advice on working a contract to be signed to prevent such things.

…short of a patent, you can use a nda (non-disclosure agreement)…a simple 3-4 page doc which stipulates that they will not share or use any info about your concept without your consent…however, without a prototype…good luck…many uni have an association with an r&d/business development group which might be able to help for cheap…