help with this rendering

any ideas on what i can do to make this look better. i think the keys should have more work but i wanted to see what people think. i’m new to rendering in photoshop so any help would be great.

You have a good start on the rendering, but I feel the design is very Dali-esque. I would recommend spending some more time making sure this is the design you want to render.

nice dance moves yo

what are we looking at here? a mobile phone? an ice cream cone? some sort of machete?

before rendering, as Yo said, spend some more time on the design. Its also useful to sketch out different views and perspectives to get the know the geometry and form.

Also picking the right view is the first step.

be sure to check out Yo’s excellent tutorial about perspective

and you can also refer to my tutorial about Photoshop rendering

but do keep in mind that rendering is only a communication tool and design should be #1 in any project.


Details will help you sell this as a phone (or an ice cream cone, if that’s what you want it to be) - once you add info on the screen and buttons it will help.

Increase the resolution or size of your rendering. A good starting point is an 8 x 10 at 150 dpi.

Around the screen, in particular, the pixels are pretty choppy. You can fix this by feathering your selections by 1 or 2 pixels.

Consider that all of your surfaces have a “thickness.” That means that every partline will have a highlight and/or a shadow. This includes the buttons, the edge of the screen, the speaker and mic details.

You can improve the screen’s reflection. Look at your own phone, it will reflect its surroundings. Try to emulate this quality with a simple, hard-edge white reflection. Play around with the opacity until you like the look.