Help with Terence Conran

Hello everybody. I think all the people who visit this forum know who is Terence Conran, but I got a problem with this Mr.
I can’t find Terence Conran first designs (1950-1960), and I search and search and found nothing, only the Terence Conran Shop, and a lot of furniture without design date.

Can anybody help me please?

PD: sorry for my English, and sorry if I’m in wrong Category

For a quick study try this:

Thanks for the link, but i saw it yesterday. I’m looking for Industrial Design Products who made Conran between 1950 - 1960.

I saw some interesting books online, but aren’t in my country in public Libraries.


Some interesting work below. Better than the stuff being churned out by Conran Associates when I worked for him in the '70s…

Thanks for your help, but, the paper and the ceramic is one object for my teacher. Also thanks a lot man.