help with supplier

not sure where to post this, so i decided to put it in the mat/pro. i hope its ok.

anyhow, i am hoping someone could help me with this. i am looking for a distributor that could supply me with these kind of plastic containers. does anyone know of a company that could supply me here in the USA? i am not sure what they would be called. so i am currently calling them “plastic containers”…i hope someone could enlighten me…

i added a pic for reference

thanks n adv

anyone? would anyone know what kind of plastic was used to make those containers?

thanks n adv

Heres a real shot in the dark, try Liberty Carton, in Minneapolis, they make cardboard boxes, which I can clearly see isn’t what you are looking for, but apparently Liberty Diversified is like huge, and probably has a plastics division.

Best I can think of without doing any research or actually putting any effort into it. I drive by there everyday on the way to work.

thank you, i will call up the company and find out.

thanks again.