Help With Sound/Music Project

Hi everyone,
I’m in the early stages of my senior project and I wanted to utilize my love of music to kick off my research. Maybe some of you have brainstorming ideas.

Our teacher is really wanting us to solve a world problem, not just entertainment purposes which is why I’ve looked more broad to the subject of sound in general to help people. For example, using sound to make life more organized somehow or feedback that could solve a core problem that everyone faces. No real solutions here, just some basic ideas floating. Anything can help. Thanks. :smiley:

what do you love most about music?

what kinds of problems would you like to solve?

“Is solving a world problem too big a question for a 6 month project?” would be my first question to your mentor. I’m not sure how you could research the “world” contextually.

My ‘starter’ questions would be:

  • What kind of problems does music already solve?

  • Has music solved a world problem before? How?

  • Has music solved a problem for a single person? How?

  • Is music really for solving problems? Or does it contribute in another way?

    Now is the time for asking questions-- something to work on will bubble up soon enough.

Good Luck

This has nothing to do with music other than having the ability to hear sound. The earlier a newborn is tested for hearing loss, the better the chance they will have the ability to hear as a child and adult. Two ideas come to mind. The first is the actual instrument that tests for hearing in newborns (I think its possible to do the test in the uterous). This link is to an IDSA bronze winner.

Grason-Stadler probably has the largest market share of the testing instruments.

The second idea is more graphic, but maybe you can figure product into the solution. You could develop a campaign for creating awareness for the importance of newborn testing.