Help with resin - no idea what i am doing but its wrong

I’m working on a project that requires me to soak old cloths in resin
and form them over molds. I tried a resin from Cast-N-Craft, but it never seems to harden completely, even with a 2 part catalyst to 12 part resin.

The forms are semi-rigid, but have the worst smell (from the excessive catalyst). I also tried another product from Cast-N-Craft that is used to coat table top sufaces. Still no luck.

I think the problem is that it is too thin to heat up enough to get a good set, I tried letting it set a little first the soaking the fabric, but still, no go.

What am I doing wrong? I assume I’m just using the wrong product.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Do you have a heat gun? You can cure it by heating. Don’t use your oven! Otherwise, just keep piling on the catalyst. Eventually you’ll get it hot enough. Or you could try using epoxy, or a urethane resin.

And are you doing this indoors? For your own neurological health, please take it outside or get a good respirator.

  • Make sure you mix it up til it looks very uniformly mixed, then mix for 5 more minutes.

  • Make sure you get the mix proportions right, this makes a HUGE difference in how hard the end result will be

  • Try Surfboard resin or Boat Resin, it works very well… Surfboard resin is extra clear but costs more.

  • You might want to try fiberglass cloth too, it dries very translucent and you can die the resin and get cool effects. Very strong too, especially if the cloth is soaked but there are no pools of resin which get brittle

I Learned alot fixing surfboard dings in the good old days…