HELP with rendering.

I have a few sketches handy, and i’m looking to render them in photoshop. I’ve taken a look at Yo’s postings, but would like some in depth tutorials. Anyone know where I can find some?

Whoa, thanks for the help. Very useful stuff I appreciate it :smiley:

Yo-nice post

feel’n an urge to get some auto designs out here-- nice stuff + easy to understand

You know any good tutorials for footwear ?

I haven’t yet, but check this out:

I haven’t really seen product tutorials of any kind yet


would like to some of the sketches like a before and after type of thing-would be great to see and i think would help a lot of others out.

sketches _>photoshop


So far I’ve nothing really outstanding to present :cry: But practice makes perfect, and when I have something halfway decent I’ll post it up.