help with pricing

hi ppls,
im new here and my english sux so please be patient with me :wink:

i was been contacted by one company located in UK and they are interested about my prototype…im not very experienced with pricing and price can be very different in EU countries so i really dont know how much i can ask for a licence(?)…

topic closed - thanx very much for your time :smiley:

roman bednar

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i HIGHLY suggest you can a licensing agent and/or attorney to guide you through the licensing process. In licensing, there are too many intricate stipulations, that an inexperienced licensor can really be taken advantage of.

I can’t really answer your question, but that sofa is bad ass. Well done.

2guest>ok…great idea… :wink: thx
2scott bennett>thx man

Wow! Great sofa…are the legs and structure fiberglass?

2gusto>thx…yes, its fiberglass or kind of plastic :wink:

2all…what about pricing ppls, what do u think?

x4-5 cost of materials. Pitch 1, 2, 3 seaters and side tables to complete the line. This will be more attractive to a potential manufacturer

2sharpie>looks ok, man…thx :wink: …finaly someone who gives me what i want to know :smiley: