Help with Photshop - Please

Normally I’m pretty good with these things but lately Photoshop has started to stump me.
My problem is this:
When I open and work on a file it is displayed darker than the saved output image. (or perhaps the saved image is lighter than when I am working on it)

At first I thought it was my monitor (or monitor settings), but it turns out that while I am in photoshop and I use the “Save for web” option it actually displays the image as it will actually be saved, which is somewhat lighter than the image while I am working on it.

This gets pretty frustrating as the colors that are displayed while I am working are completely different than the finished product.

Any ideas? :confused:


I’m not a pro but I’ve had similar problems in the past. There’s a big combo of document colors and proof settings that you have to get right.
Go to View-proof setup-then pick a different one, whichever matches closest the output you want. You might be working on a RGB file but viewing it as a CMYK proof, or on a Mac and viewing as a PC rgb monitor. All of those affect your onscreen image.

I know there’s a more exact science but if you check those settings you can usually get your image closer to the web results you want or closer to the printout.

If you final output is for the web, make sure the document you’re working on is in RGB format and that you’re actually viewing the RGB format and not CMYK.

I’m sure someone else on here could give you more specifics if that doesn’t help. Good luck.

Thanks Skinny!
your suggeston worked! I tried putting the “proof setup” setting on “monitor rgb” and it matches! It only makes the changes per a file and I’ll figure out how to make the setting a preset later, but for now it’s a big difference.
Thanks again for your input!
It’s very much appreciated