Help with my graduate assignment (Interaction Design)

Hey all,

I’ve got a problem. I need to write an graduate research article but I don’t know and I can’t find an good subject to write about… I need to have a subject and an presentation of questions… (guestion that’s coincides the subject).

I’ve got the following:

Twinge words

  • User Interface
  • Interactie
  • Interactief
  • User Generated Content
  • Branding
  • Weblog
  • Interactive TV
  • Video’s
  • TV
  • Digitale TV
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Gaming


Emotion and User Interfaces
User Generated Content and Social Networking
Social Software and Web 2.0
User Generated Content and Interface Issues…
Web 2.0 and Mobile Phones
Web 2.0 and Gaming
UGC meets TV?
Web 2.0 and education


What’s the influence of ‘web 2.0’ to social behaviour?
What’s the influence of social networking
What’s the influence of “web 2.0 or social software” to the learning process of education.

Well some guestions are not good for me because I need to have a good subject and guestion that’s connects to my minor (Interaction and visual interface design)

Can somebody please help me to get a good guestion and subject??

As a graduate student I would think it would be important to make these types of decisions on your own.

My advice would be to think about what originally got you interested in design or a masters degree. Write about where your passion lies to ensure your own interest all the way through. Research something you want to know about. This may help motivate you through the process and help you to put together a compelling presentation that you care about.


But I can’t think of something that’s why I post my problem here that someone can send me on the right path!

What will you do as a design professional and you can’t think of the solution to a problem?

What yo seems to be getting at, and I agree wholeheartedly, is that graduate students should have this type of drive and direction within themselves, and should not need to seek it from outside sources. If you cannot so much as choose a topic for an article on your own, even with all those suggestions your prof seems to have already given you, maybe you’re just not up to doing graduate level work. How on earth will you ever complete a thesis?!

I hate to jump on the pile, but why are you doing a graduate degree if you don’t already have a research area of interest? You should really be entering such a program with your head stuffed with ideas or problems you want to explore. If you’re in your first year, perhaps you should consider taking some time off before your second year. You don’t want to be in this position when beginning your thesis, and this is not what this forum is for.

Looking at your directions, they all seem very techy, loaded with buzzwords and many are extremely broad. These aren’t problems, just general topics. I’d recommend taking a much more human approach - as an interaction student you should be pounding “human centered” in to your mind right now - and look for a specific problem to solve or at least an interesting new behavior to discuss. Just take one of your questions, “What’s the influence of 'web 2.0 to social behaviour”, now step back from the technology part of it and look at simple human needs and behaviours. Can you think of even one example where you 've seen a website change your behaviour or the behaviour of your friends/family? Solve a need you didn’t know you had? Change the way you used a product? Once you’ve thought of one, you should be able to list several more (I can think of tons!). Do some interviews to get more examples and opinions on the ideas you’ve formed. What were the previous behaviours? What allowed this change to occur (and I don’t mean the technology here)? What problem was solved? How might this change spur more changes, or how might the change evolve?

Just picka topic, frame it in human terms, ask lots of questions, be very observant, take notes, and the paper will write itself. Wording the question and framing your subject is your job, it’s the reason you’re in school.

you might want the check out Don Normans’ site for a bit of inspiration. Especialy his 1st chapter of his forthcoming book