help with my French

can someone provide me with a phonetic pronunciation of ATELIER

Ah-tel-ee-ay (?)

Ah-tee-ay (?) is the “L” silent?

Ah-tee-yay (?)

Ah-tay-ee-yay (?)

None of the above?


Ah-teel-yay (right?)

I’m not 100% sure (i’m not a french speaker by any means), but as far as I know it’s Ah-tell-yay.

This seems to confirm that - Free Online English Pronunciation Dictionary | Howjsay



If I recall correctly, phonetically, the “yay” at the end sort of evens out, rather than spiking up. Becomes neutral rather than an exclamation point.

I will tell you how I would describe saying it:

Ah tell yeh (yeh being like a cheer in english, not yeah).

I think I’ll go with our resident French speaker’s interpretation.

Mercy bucket Ray…

Just as an aside, I saw a print ad in our local paper a few days ago. A local winery’s tasting room was inviting everyone to come and enjoy their “swaray” Friday evening…

speaking of pronunciation…

In Seoul there are billboards explaining how to pronounce “Chevrolet” … “Se-Vo-Re”

(not my photo)

parsely [ pars-lee] …? mmmmm more likely kimchi [kim - chee]… … . :wink: