Help with manufacturing

I have a small stainless steel salt and pepper shaker design that i have been working on and have had some interest from a few large retailers (friends are in charge of finding new products) and I need to find a manufacturer that can produce 10,000 in a short amount (6-8 months) of time. They are not complicated but I am sure that this will be cheaper overseas. This is not what I normally do for work so I am a bit out on a limb. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start looking?

stainless steel, what process? spun, stamp, sheet…?

spun… at least that is what would make the most sense to me.

Post the drawing on and see what you get back. I just posted some projects there, got some great quotes back, and wrote some POs.

I wouldn’t necessarily assume it will be cheaper to go overseas for something like that. We have a lot of excess manufacturing capacity in the US now, and the price of machine time is falling as shops try to stay afloat. Asian manufacturing has the biggest advantage on things that require lots of manual labor.


Stainless Steel - Get it made in India.

Make sure you have some guarantee of your retailer “friends” still being interested in selling these gizmos soem time down the road, or you may be stuck with 10 000 shakers to give away to family and friends, not to mention the mfg bill.

Making things is easy, convincing others to buy is where it happens.

Good luck to you. This could turn into an expensive business lesson.