Help with job offers

Just looking for some help with decision on 2 job offers I have. I have already consulted people I trust in my design circle, but I am looking for more thoughts from all of you.

I have one job offer which is much much much more creative designing home furnishings type stuff for the big box retailers. Less money, not as cool area, smaller firm, they want me to start on trial basis to see if I fit into the design teams dynamic.

Second job offer-much more lucaritive, difference of $15,000, more benefits, more 401k package, more vacation, $5000 pay increase after 6 months, much less creative work doing the CAD stuff, but the principal discussed starting up a new design team geared toward office furniture that I would head up (they were up front about this only a possibilty right now–sounds like a carrot) Its in Lower Manhattan and they would be flexible with work schedule to allow me to get Masters.

Its a tough decision but its nice to have options.

Any thoughts?

I will take the second one, but I hate the idea of living around NYC.

I agree with molested_cow. The first group is still not totally committed to you (trial basis offer? What the hell is that?)

Second company seems to be treating you better all around with possible opportunities for growth… and time to do a masters.

This seems like a no brainer to me.


I agree with the #2 wants me more at this point and their could be more room for growth…it’s just not as creative which bothers the creative devil on my shoulder…but I guess you can’t have everything…$ and creative projects unless your the creme dela creme huh

I’d suggest #2 because you can make your job as creative as you want.

But on the other hand, I don’t know how much experience you have, but if you are fresh out of school, try to find a job where you can be around other designers.

My experience is limited to internships and freelance work on the furniture and product design side (just out of school)…which is why the flat out total design job around other designers would be very beneficial even though it would start out on a trial basis…I am confident in my skills and am not worried about the trial period …the money and potential offerings of other job are enticing…so is masters oppurtunity at pratt…sometimes I feel I need a little more instruction.

Its a tough decision…what was your career path mattdesign

Couple of freelance work as a student, design consultancy after school, freelance again, and now a corporate in-house designer.

Your first job is not gonna be your last job, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. But at the same time, you want to put yourself in an environment where you can grow, both professionally, and personally.

Good luck!

I agree with everyone else here, take the second job, especially if the job afford you live in Manhattan. Sounds like they are much more committed to you than the first gig. BTW, where’s the first job located?

definitely go with offer #2.

looking at a difference of 20K in 6mths makes option #2 the hands down obvious…

like what mattdesign said, your first job won’t be your last…just make sure you can keep growing (not just $$$) while you are there…

be wary, that while salary appetites continue to increase, that your skill sets increase “proportionally” as well…otherwise, you may not be able to command that level of $$$ at subsequent jobs…

sounds like 2 is the way o go. They seem to be the more growth oriented option