Help with job offers

Just looking for some help with decision on 2 job offers I have. I have already consulted people I trust in my design circle, but I am looking for more thoughts from all of you.

I have one job offer which is much much mush more creative designing home furnishings type stuff for the big box retailers. Less money, not as cool area, smaller firm, they want me start on trial basis to see if I fit into the design teams dynamic.

Second job offer-much more lucaritive difference of $15,000, more benefits, more 401k package, more vacation, $5000 pay increase after 6 months, much less creative work doing the CAD stuff, but the principal discussed starting up a new design team geared toward office furniture that I would head up (they were up front about this only a possibilty right now–sounds like a carrot) Its in Lower Manhattan and they would be flexible with work schedule to allow me to get Masters.

Its a tough decision but its nice to have options.

Any thoughts?