Help with firms and events in Portland! CMU IDSA Trip

Hey guys,

So last fall our CMU IDSA student chapter went on a trip to Toronto and had a blast! For this spring, we’re planning an even further trip out to Portland, OR to visit local firms and check out the design scene. Unfortunately, we’re not all too familiar with what companies or attractions are out there so hopefully some Core77 people can help us out! The tentative date for the trip is March 6th-10th to coincide with spring break.

We’re looking for:
1. Design firms - ID, IX, Graphic Design, or Interior (we’re a big mix of people!)
2. Places to see- Museums, art stores, local events
3. Nightlife - bars, restaurants :slight_smile:
4. Travel tips - best ways to get around, hostel recommendations?

Thanks for the help guys! We know quite a few Core77’ers are out in Portland and we’d love to meet up with you guys! And of course, the Hand-Eye Supply is definitely on our to-do list.

Hotel: The Ace, I believe there are shared bathroom cheaper rooms, fun designer spot, good location, backup would be the Jupiter

Nightlife: Some of my faves are East, Someday, Ron Toms, and Moloko Plus, check unscene:

Places to see: lots of design stores, Hive, Relish, Canoe, Compound, Floating World, Museum of Modern Craft

Getting around: light rail is pretty easy but slow, it connects the city well though.

Design Firms and Companies:
Nike, Columbia, Adidas
Cinco, Ziba, 24/7

James Owen Design
Phil Frank Design

What’s the weather like in early March?

light rain, over-cast, upper forties to upper fifties degrees. Bring a rain coat with a hood.

Michael’s tips are solid. I’d add SoMA, NEW, Fuse, FlatHED, MNML, W&K, Tanner Goods, to your list.

Have you contacted the active and helpful Oregon Chapter of IDSA? They have events (monthly 3By10, etc) and folks that would be happy to give you additional advice. By-the-way, did your group happen to attend the IDSA International Conference in PDX last summer? It was fantastic and had tours, events, etc all over Portland. Ziba/IDSA put on a great event.

Photos: (this site has more design-centric info on Portland as well - scope it out…)

Thanks Dieter#10.

Is there anyone who’d be interested in hanging out with 40+ designers (undergrads and grads in CD and ID) from the 7th-10th? We’ve got a bunch of firms locked down, but we’d love to hang out with other Cores.

Portland is pretty walkable as well. We were up there for the IDSA conference and walked the city most of the time except when it was really late and would jump in a cab. Bring some comfortable shoes (or stop at Nike town) and you should be fine.

Thanks for the tips guys!

As we’re confirming tours there are a few companies that we’re having difficulty contacting through past-interns, alumni, and IDSA. If any of you have/are a connection to these companies, we’d really love to get in contact with you since these firms were pretty high on our must-see list:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Wieden+Kennedy
  • Columbia

Friend of mine is now creative director at Ziba. Email me if you need a connect.