Help with extruding hole on knitted solid in Solidworks

It appears to me it is a solid after surfacing and knitting. Does anyone know why I can’t extrude a whole in it? All hole commands are grayed out.

Does it only “appear” as a solid, or does it actually say in the feature tree that is IS a solid body?

Note that the option in the knitting tool is called “try to form a solid”… the keyword here being “try”. :slight_smile:

Here’s a trick I’ve learned if all else fails when it comes to converting surfaces into solids in SW:

  1. Extrude a rectangular solid block that fully covers all surfaces.
  2. Use the “cut with surface” tool and chip away at the block.
  3. Delete all surface bodies.

If nothing else, this might enable you to spot gaps in your surface bodies, as they might show up in the curvature display of the resulting solid.

If the solid features are greyed out, it’s still a surface.

Try using “surface trim” instead and then “surface knit” them back into a solid after.

THX guys. I got it to work. I just recreated the surfaces and made sure they joined at the edges then messed around alot with the knitting then booyaah!

that forming a rectangle over the whole object idea then subtracting around it sounds interesting!clever. might try it someday.