Help with Entertainment Cabinet please.

Hi guys,

We would really appreciate some advice on a cabinet that we want to custom produce for our living room and hope that you would be kind enough to provide some feedback or direction as to where we go from here.

I hope we are not being too forward in forwarding pics of what we have come up with so far. From the pics you can see that its a pretty modern room and we want to continue that theme - wanting to achieve a super contemporary, shop fitout, clean lines look.

Ideally the unit needs to house our crystal display, plasma (probably wall mounted), av gear and if possible the fireplace setup from We want a very stealth look and want to hide all wires. Need to decide if Caeserstone (material to be used for bench) is going to be white to match kitchen or a perhaps a brown to match wall and give the feel of 2 very distinct areas (ie, kitchen and living room). We want that floating effect but does it suit the room. Etc etc etc? Should we scrap the design and go for something else altogether?

Would really appreciate any advise you care to share. The last thing we want to do is have it manafactured and it looks crap.

Sorry to bother you guys but would appreciate any help we can get.



oops - just noticed i cant attach pics.
if anyone cares to asssist can you please respond with your email and i’ll forward you the pics. thanks again. :smiley: