Help with Eames LCW Walnut Finish?

Does anybody know the process Herman Miller uses to finish their walnut veneer? I am refinishing some walnut and would like to emulate this look and feel. Does anybody have some insight for me? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

There are a few places that restore modern furniture, I’d look them up and call them. Maybe spoof a bit so you get the info you want. (say your a student or something).

i know the eames walnut stools are oiled. i’m not certain about the chairs.

Thanks for the tips! I was guessing that they were oiled. I’ve tried to call a couple places, but I haven’t found one that was much help. Yet.

Thanks for the replies!

I contacted Herman Miller and I guess they call the finish a Milifan finish. The actual “process” is sort of under wraps by HM. So, I also spoke with a couple of furniture restoration shops and they both said they would use a Satin Lacquer finish if they were to restore it. So I guess that’s that.


Most of the Eames molded plywood is done by a company called Davidson Plyforms. Their website is

I don’t know if this helps or not, just some extra info.