Help with Choosing a Uni!!

Hey I’m sixteen and taking the IB diploma at school, but i am planning to become a product designer :mrgreen: and was wondering if anybody can help me because i kinda have to start finding universities in UK which offer good courses for this field of study and whome will accept me, I don’t want to STUDY the artistic side of product design, i’m thinking of the more engineering side :stuck_out_tongue: , yet i don’t want to end up creating pieces for factory machines :unamused: , I want to design such things as home appliances, electronics etc… -you know, PRODUCTS :open_mouth:

There are so many courses out there Product Design Engineering/manufacture/Innovation etc… But i don’t which course i should take, and alot of the universities offering these courses are not very high up in the ranks, so if any of you could help me by giving me any advice or information you know :laughing: , It would be a GREAT help, because i am really begining to panick about my future :astonished: (so are my parents)…

Please Help… :cry:


After have read your description of what you seem to want to study, I would recommend you to look into the possibility to go and study abroad. Delft University of Technology has been offering an Industrial Design Engineering programme ( for a very long time. The master level is in English, but I have had friends that learned Dutch during the summer and then were able to participate in the Bachelor programme.

Yea, thanks for your reply Patrick_Bateman, I went to the website and it seems to have exactly what i want to study, and as far as i know it is pretty well known. I just never thought about studying anywhere other than the UK, i guess because i don’t speak any foreign languages…but yea i’ll think about it…

Thanks again…


If you liked Delft, there also exists similar programmes at (in random order)

I can not really tell how these programmes relate to each other (or Delft), which is the best or worse. I simple know that they exist at the above mentioned school.

I’m just about to graduate from Brunel in Industrial Design Engineering which is a good mix of engineering and product design, with a lot of practical emphasis. I’ve really enjoyed it overall - I believe Brunel’s aim in setting it up was very much to emulate the Delft course, though there’s rarely more than about 8 or 10 students per year doing IDE at brunel. We tend to share a lot of projects and classes with the other design students so it’s not isolated, but they know to come to us to ask about how to make things work!

They’ve just renamed the course Product Design Engineering to clarify that it’s a rather different type of course from IDE at, say the RCA (very much more art).

Find your course | Brunel University London gives the course details - not a particularly inspiring website. If you do apply, make sure to visit the Design Show - 13-15 June.

Good luck!