help whit shoe manufacturers

can some one help me get in contact whit a european shoe manufacturer who can help me realize my final project of shoe design that im working on in school. Im having a hard time finding one by my self. :smiley:


Can you find Spellcheck by yourself?

I know that DR. Martens is baised out of europe. I am not sure of there locations with europe-

how are you going to have this manufacturer help you ?

also what type of shoe are you making? maybe you are going to the wrong types of manufacturers…

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thats very inteligent of you, how old are you, let me guess 12?

I am in need of a manufacturer that works mostly in leather. i am making a pair of ladies pumps and a pair of casual shoes for men.

thank you for your reply! :laughing:

where are you located in europe and who have you contacted so far ?

i am located in sweden, stockholm. i have been in contact with a couple of shoe manufacturers in sweden so far but they could not help me beacause of the high costs of manufacturing. so i was thinking that maybe it would be easier to get in contact with some other company in europ that would like to sponsor my project.

thank you for your reply.

maybe check out a shoe repair shop??

they will know how to do the construction and will probably have some of the tools that you would need-the thing is you need to purchase a last-and I think they would have alot of the tools-I am not so sure about the mens shoe though-where would you purchase the sole-maybe you could ask the shop.

that is my idea-alot of manufacturers probably wont be able to do your project just because they are doing so many other projects-time is money and with larger corp. it is even more time demanding they are under alot of production demands.

let me know if the shop works out or if you can get any info

thanks for the reply.

Well i talked to a shoe-repair shop in stockholm and they said that they probably could help me but the thing is that they want me to pay for the making of the shoes, and i guess thats ok with me but the cost is simply to high they want me to pay 1000 US dollars a pair thats 10 000 swedish crowns, it`s just to much money for me as a student.

I spoke with my teachers and they told me that i have to find a manufacturer that can sponsor my project. I`m not sure what to do now so i hope you will be able to give me some pointers.

Thank You.
Sincerly; Claudio Perugia

Please write to if you need me…

how is it going with the project ??

I thought maybe YO or YKH or some of the others that know more about production and suppliers/+factories could have helped with findings-

I will keep contacting peeps for you-again maybe if you posted or wrote more about what it is exactly that you need-feel free to contact me also–

thank you for you`re reply i must say that this project is killing me, it is so hard to find a shoe manufacturer in Sweden and i have contacted some repair shops allso but i got no reply, i hop that some of you guys can give me some pointers in the right direction, it would realy help!

Thanx guys