[HELP] which university to choose from both of these!

Hello All,

I need your help, I have applied to several universities and different programs but my eyes have been opened as i saw that Interactive Design has a bright future, My background is graphic design and i would like to apply to something joyful and have a bright future so the universities i have applied to is the below:

Master in Visual Communication in Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule

Master Of Design University of Cincinnati

Please if you could help me with which program to choose and which university as I can’t find any reviews about Oslo and Berliner universities. could you please recommend which program and am i planing right for the program.

Cincinnati is a very good program. I don’t know the others, or anybody who has gone to the two other schools.

Thank you for your reply i wish that if someone went to the schools can tell us what he thinks about them and also what do you think of thr interactive design program

Most on these boards are from the US so we are more familiar with Cincinnati’s solid reputation. The others might have one too, but we are less familiar with them. If the other 2 programs are good as well, I think the main question you need to ask yourself is, what country do you want to live in? =)

Thank you for you reply yeah thats what i am thinking about for me choosing the program first then the country and the cost

If you could tell me about the cincinnati program in more details

Thank you for you reply yeah thats what i am thinking about for me choosing the program first then the country

I wouldn’t be so sure about this order. Sure, program quality is important, but the kind of experience you have in a place can change your actual work output dramatically.

What if you’re a person who thrives in a wild, vibrant community, which inspires you to make brilliant work? Berlin simply couldn’t be beaten in that area. What if you like serious discipline, to really focus and crank out a massive output? You’d probably find more all-nighters and obsessive dedication at Cincinnati. What if you need a high quality-of-life, so that you can make work with a relaxed, clear mind? Oslo would probably fit this description best.

So IMHO, the question shouldn’t be “which school is best,” it should be “which school and city would enable me to produce my best work?”