Help us design an amazing bird feeder!

Hello there!

We are a group of bird enthusiasts and casual bird watchers that are interested in building a new type of bird feeder. We need your input! Please take 3 to 4 minutes to answer this mini-survey. Help us design an amazing bird feeder!


DXLab Design

Modern Man will offer one and only one free hint: There are no known avian members of this discussion board, nor likely any members who are ornithologists or zoologists.

Modern Man likes these:

[ Deleted ]

So the post comes from a “group of bird enthusiasts” but the signature is from “staff” at a design firm…hmmm…sounds like they asked the intern to do some research.

Paging iab. iab to the bird feeder discussion…

Can a mod please contact senior staff at dxlab about this?

For any bird friends: This is a rooster supposedly doing a facepalm…