Help! Transfer Problem to Pratt

Hello, everyone

I am currently attending second year in Arizona State University’s (ASU) Industrial Design Program.

To make a really long story short, my dream school was Pratt (I did get in the 1st time) but due to financial reasons I
ended up in ASU.

But about a week ago I suddenly got an opportunity to move back to NY and my parents wanted me to transfer to
Pratt ASAP.

The PROBLEM is, that the transfer applicants were due in Feb 1st!!! I still ended up applying and handed in my application
form on 2/9 and my portfolio on 2/11.

I called the admissions, but the told me that they can’t guarantee a spot and that the closer I handed in the application the better my chances.

Currently I am VERY NERVOUS and i’m not sure I can wait till April 1st to find out.

So my question is… have this happen to anyone, and still got in???
do you think I have a chance???
Any advice???
Will it help if I post up my portfolio???

Advocates are a big help in this situation. Did you meet any instructors while you were there?

As has been mentioned, Pratt’s administration is very disorganized. Use that to your advantage if you can and try to get yourself in there.

Yes, I contacted my industrial Design teacher in Pratt and he agreed to write me a recommendation letter.
Thank you for the advice.